Thursday, October 4, 2007

Improving the safety of your home for elderly loved ones

Everybody get old; it’s a simple fact of life that can be hard to face. The truth is that muscles and bones get weaker and the home can slowly become a dangerous place. However, making some minor modifications to keep your loved ones safe is a very easy process.Improving safety indoorsYou can’t always prevent falls, but there are many things that you can do to help prevent them. Here are a few ideas:• Clear floors of clutter – The majority of falls come from having a messy house. Be sure to keep all floors clear. The less of a struggle is it to move around the home, the less chance of falling. Make sure things are within reach, as well.
• Well lit rooms – Just as important as important as having clear floors, make sure things are lit well enough so you can see that the floors are clear. Keep plenty of flashlights around for blackouts, too.
• Safety railings – Grab bars and safety railings can be installed all around the house. Be sure to fix them to the bathtub and next to the toilet. Bed railings can also help keep your loved ones from falling out of bed at night.
• Non-Slip mats – Place non-slip mats underneath rugs and be sure to use them in the bathtub and on stairs.Improving safety outdoorsBeing safe outdoors is just as important as being safe in your home, but there’s not as much you can do to prevent danger. Make sure you assist your loved one by holding their arm when walking. If any roads or sidewalks become wet or icy, be sure to salt or sand them. Using a cane for any uneven ground is also advised.What to do if they do fallNot all falls can be prevented, accidents happen. When they do, the first thing you should do is not panic. If you panic, you’ll cause your loved one to panic as well. If they’re not able to get up, cover them with a blanket until help arrives.Overall, you can’t prevent every fall, accident, or slip. You can, however, prevent the majority of them. The home is the place your loved ones will probably spend the most time in, so it’s the first place you should start.
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